MABRA – the name for quality

The artificial casing was never able to replace the natural casing in sausage production in spite of all advancement and development. The characteristics of the „oldest casing“ for sausages are so distinct and unique that producers cannot forego them in the majority of their top products, and do not want to either. Numerous traditional, regional sausage products like the Thuringian Bratwurst, Nuremberg Rostbratwurst, or the Bavarian Veal sausage may only be filled into natural casings according to the determined purity regulations - at least if they are labelled as being „genuine“. The natural casing of these German sausage classics provides ideal smoking characteristics, supplies the right texture (the „snap“-effect) and promotes the necessary ripening process of many specialities of the German butchers trade with its permeability to air. This way the sausage can breathe and ripens very well. This is important especially for dry sausages. The natural sausage casing ensures good smoke acceptance during the process, and thus promotes the specific, aromatic taste of the sausage. Natural casing is also used internationally in many traditional sausage products. For example, in France for the popular Merguez, in Italy for the Salami, and in Spain for the Chorizo.